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FAQ for sellers

Posted on: Nov 9, 2017 | Author: Sister Maxime | Categories: Set up your shop for FREE - It's easy!

Frequently asked questions for sellers

FAQ for sellers

1. How can I sell on

Welcome! Please have a read of our tutorials and pricing page for more information on how to start you own shop on this online marketplace. It is described in detail with images which steps to take. If you do need any more assistance then you're welcome to contact us.

2. What am I allowed to sell on this website?

You may list on this website any products that are suitable for Muslims, and fall under the categories of this website, for example modest clothing, halal or vegetarian body products etc. 

We do not tolerate any inappropriate, indecent or haram products or images on this website, and reserve the right to remove any listings that we deem unsuitable. In extreme cases we will remove a seller that violates our terms and conditions. If you do find any inappropriate listings then please do bring it to our attention.

3. Why does a seller need to be approved first?

Because we need to prevent the misuse of this website. We do our utmost best to approve sellers as soon as possible, but it can take upto 24hrs. You will receive an e-mail when you are approved. 

4. How will I get paid?

When you register as a seller and are approved, then you need to provide your paypal account ID and/or bank details. You have two options:

     option 1. You get paid directly in your Paypal or bank account. Our billing cycle to collect selling fees is once a month, after which you need to pay your selling fees within one month from receiving your invoice. 

     option 2. The customer pays Muslim Fashion World Ltd. We pay your total selling price - selling fee to your account once every two weeks, in this case.

Remember that Paypal do charge a small percentage of each sale, so calculate it into your selling price. We do highly recommend you to accept Paypal payments as it is the preferred payment method in many countries and you might lose sales by not offering this option.

5. Who is responsible for delivery and returns?

You as a seller need to provide all the shipping details you want to use, for customers to choose from. Make sure you provide a detailed product description including measurements etc to prevent returns. 

You need to follow EU directives for returns, which state that a customer should be allowed to change their mind, or cancel their order within 14 days. Please refer to  for legal rights for EU purchasesand/or traders.

The customer needs to contact you first, and return the product to you in an unused condition with a tracked delivery, after which you need to refund the customer. You may prefer a different solution ofcourse, but please make sure you mark your sale accordingly, so the outcome is updated on our system. Any selling fees will canceled or refunded to you by us for canceled or refunded orders.

You can communicate with the customer through the website's messaging system. If a customer or our customer service rep contacts you, then you will receive an e-mail through the e-mail address you registered during account creation.

If you sell products that are excluded from returns due to, for example, hygiene reasons, then please do mention this in your product listings. Products like swimwear and cosmetics are normally non refundable. For these products it would be important to give detailed descriptions to prevent return requests.

6. Which currency should I use to list my products?

The default currency for this website is GBP - British pounds - £. Only for information purposes there is an option to view how much prices would be equal to in other currencies on the website. However, as exchange rates constantly change, you need to check how much you want to ask for your products and shipping in GBP. You can adjust your prices or other product details at any time.

7. How can a customer contact me?

Customers may ask a question on your product pages by clicking on the Q&A option under the product description. They can only message you if they're logged into their account. You can choose to display questions and answers on your product page, if you would like other customers to benefit from information shared there.

Customers can also give a review your service/product on your product page, so making a good impression will increase trustworthiness and sales...

8. Can I add my Brand Logo to the home page or more attributes in the Combinations tab in product listings?

Please e-mail us on or contact us through the contact page. You may attach your logo file and list of requests, so we can assess your request.

Be please be aware that Brand logo spaces on the home page will be reserved for major international brands. However, we can make a manufacturer/brand set up for you so that you can link your products to the brand/manufacturer of the products you sell. Then customers can also filter products by this specific brand. For example of you sell products of a major brand that you think customer will search for then we can add that brand to our list of brands. It is at our discretion though to process your request.

9. What do I do if I go out of business or on holiday?

If you're temporarily not selling, then you just remove or disable you product listings until you're back. In your products' 'Information' tab you can disable the product temporarily, so that you keep all the details but it doesn't show on the website until you enable it again.

If you're unable to keep selling, then please disable or remove your product listings and contact us to remove your page. We do appreciate it if you let us know if you have any change of circumstances. Thank you for your care. You're welcome to come back any time you're ready to sell again. 

You're welcome to comment below with any more questions you want to ask. Welcome on board! 

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