About Us

salam aleikum

Muslim Fashion World Ltd has been created as a community project to help our Ummah flourish economically and fashionably. We are a family run company, located and registered in the UK. Having been in this business for almost a decade now, we've met many traders, wholesalers, retailers and people selling fashion from home. Our aim is to grow together, so we can ALL benefit and bring some diversity to this HUGE and expanding muslim market. However, this is not an advertising platform for other websites.

Sellers and customers from around the world can now find each other to trade products that they normally would not have access to. The marketplace has been set up as a platform with easy tools and currency conversion to ease cross border trade and to improve SEO. 


Sellers get for FREE

  •                   Your own virtual store on
  •                   global advertisement (however you are encouraged to advertise your individual virtual stores)
  •                   unlimited listings
  •                   SEO optimization
  •                   secure payment
  •                   customer support and more.

Muslim Fashion World Ltd will only charge a small percentage as commission when a product sells, on a no sell no fee basis. Please refer to our Pricing page for details.


Customers can easily

  •                   search for products, brands, sellers or by country
  •                   estimate shipping on product pages
  •                   check all purchases out with one secure payment
  •                   ask questions to the seller directly about, for example, their products and terms and conditions through the product page
  •                   review their purchases by rating the product/seller

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Our Promise

Muslim Fashion World Ltd will offer

  •                   a secure, managed platform for all sellers and customers including the services mentioned above
  •                   general advertising
  •                   customer service and assistance with setting up and any query along the way
  •                   secure payment services

If customers or sellers need assistance with any issue or are in need of help in any matter on the website, then Muslim Fashion World Ltd is more than happy to assist. If there is any query about a product or delivery offered by a seller, then we advise the customer to please contact the seller directly through the product page first, and to consult our information pages in the footer of the website. If thereafter we need to mediate, then please do contact us through the contact page, or e-mail

This is the time to take everyone with us to the next level.

Muslim Fashion World Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales.
Registered office: Deen unit 19, Observatory Mall, High Street, Slough SL1 1LE, UK.

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